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Created in 2015, HBW Consulting specialises in assisting law firms with graduate recruitment attraction and engagement. We help with the whole process: from initial strategy and purchasing, to analysis, campaign management, marketing and content creation. We also work with law firms on their D&I and apprenticeship strategies.

Our vision at HBW Consulting is simple: to help law firms develop high quality and cohesive strategies with a personalised support system. We offer a uniquely customised consulting experience to each and every client.

Find out more about our services below, or please click What our clients say for recent testmonials.

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What we offer

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Graduate recruitment

Helping with media strategy, spend and analysis

HBW Consulting prides itself on being a specialist extension to your graduate recruitment team, offering creative solutions to achieve your media goals in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.  We do things differently to agencies – we focus on building a unique relationship with our clients and want to help spread your resource in the best way possible.

Whether you need help over the media buying season or support with content creation, HBW can help. With years of experience in the legal publishing business, we are also able to offer a unique point of view.

Marketing services

Helping you stand out for all the right reasons.

Offering clear and compelling content, HBW Consulting aims to accurately present your message.

Ten years of content creation and copywriting experience across a number of sectors means that we know how to help our clients stand out from the crowd.​​

HBW Consulting can also help you convert your messages into concise and engaging social media.

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Media and branding

From website overhauls to photography and video.

Standing out in a competitive market in a dynamic, fresh way is key to reinforcing a company’s brand message. HBW Consulting offers media and branding services to achieve this goal.

Our services include:

Website assistance - Website overhauls and redesign, refreshes of current sites and the creation of new online content.

Video content – Videos allow a brand to convey messages and  in an easy-to-absorb, creative way. The addition of videos to a website immediately encourages and improves engagement with your clients. We want to help make sure that you have best interactive content for your audience.

Photography –  Engaging new images highlighting events, products and people.

Marketing and promotional material – ensuring brand synergy across your market.

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If you'd like to find out more please get in touch with John Hancock

+44 (0) 7843 247 790

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